Facilities Overview


Zero4-NORTH is Reticle’s Training and Innovation Facility – strategically located in Eastern Ontario and in close proximity major population centres and the United States.  Zero4-NORTH, which is used by Reticle to deliver training services and innovation services, encompasses a 400-acre training area centred on the Brockville Regional Airport as well as a separate 15,000 square foot multi-purpose instructional facility - “The Schoolhouse” - located 1km from the Airport that sits on a five-acre property.  While other private sector training facilities of Zero4-NORTH’s size and scope exist in the United States and internationally, there is no Canadian equivalent that supports training and innovation across land, maritime, aviation, and cyber environments.

Strategic Location

Zero4-NORTH is situated just North of Brockville, and is midway between Windsor and Quebec City, a corridor that is home to 50% of Canada’s population.  Brockville rests on the St. Lawrence River Island Seaway System, and is strategically located between Toronto (342km) and Montreal (212km) and within an hour drive from Ottawa (118km).  Both the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific rail lines pass through the city, two international bridges to the US are in close proximity, and the Port of Johnstown, a deep-sea water port, is only 19 km away.  Brockville is 39 km to nearest US border crossing at 1,000 Islands Bridge.

Hub & Spoke System of Facilities

Zero4-NORTH was never intended to be the sole location from which Reticle delivered training and innovation services, but the rather the central hub in an evolving hub and spoke system.  Reticle understands that hyper-realistic training can only be delivered if there is sufficient variety in training locations and venues, and partners with other land and facility owners across Eastern Ontario to offer a much broader proposition for its clients.  For example, below is a short video of a recent Advanced Driver Training Course that Reticle delivered, which showcases skills development at a nearby quarry.

Hyper-Realistic Training

Hyper-realistic training also means that you have the capability to rapidly reconfigure and scale training sites within a short period of time to address client requirements.  Reticle’s approach to its facility design and development focuses on providing a highly modular, reconfigurable, scalable, and flexible instructional environment, which can support simple to highly complex training activities across crawl, walk, jog, and run dimensions.