Carbine - Fundamentals Package

Carbine - Fundamentals Package

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This Reticle package is designed for the novice shooter of semi-automatic carbines.   It provides the foundational knowledge and skills for safe handling, discharge, and user maintenance of a semi-automatic firearm.

Course Location & Schedule

This course will be held at Reticle’s Zero4-NORTH training facility located at 4010 County Road 29, Brockville (Tincap) Ontario

This 1-day package includes 6 hours of instruction and range time.  It covers all the material from both Fundamental courses (4 lessons) of Reticle's progressive firearms development program.


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Package Outline

  • Fundamentals of safety & safe handling
  • Parts, function, & user maintenance
  • Ammunition basics
  • Basic marksmanship

Required equipment (rentals available)

  • Closed-toe footwear
  • Athletic wear with long-sleeves and close-fitting neckline to prevent hot-brass from making contact with upper chest and neck
  • Carbine and 250 rounds
  • Load carriage belt with magazine pouches
  • * Complementary ear & eye protection (electronic mandatory if using personal gear) included for this course