Motorcade Operator - Winter Skills Clinic (The Fundamentals)

Motorcade Operator - Winter Skills Clinic (The Fundamentals)

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The tactics, techniques, and procedures taught in this clinic are based upon proven Canadian Armed Forces methods.  Driver fundamentals rarely change for the modern motorcade operator.  The skillful and proper application of motorcade and driver fundamentals is what truly distinguishes the novice from the expert regardless of the operational environment.

This clinic focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively drive within a winter environment

This training has been deemed eligible for the Veterans Affairs Education and Training Benefit and CAF Educational Reimbursement (Skills Completion Program.)

Course Outline

  • Precision Driving (Fundamentals) Module
  • Driving Beyond Normal Limits (Fundamentals) Module
  • Off-road (Fundamentals) Module

Course Location & Schedule

This course will be held at a satellite location north of Kingston, Ontario.  Details to be provided to clinic registrants.

Duration 1 day
Start Time 09:00
End Time 16:00 
Daily Timings 08:30 - 16:30

Administration details

  • Dress in seasonal, comfortable attire for both indoor and outdoor physical training.
  • Please advise course staff regarding any physical limitations prior to the start of the course.
  • Pay later and secure your place with a $250 deposit



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