Pistol - Skill Builder (3 Day)

Pistol - Skill Builder (3 Day)

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This is Reticle's first level of advanced handgun competency. The Skill Builder series is the foundational knowledge and skills element of our progressive firearms development program that will develop participant confidence and accuracy.  Participants will engage static targets from multiple distances.  Participants will also learn the basics of holster and load carriage equipment.

Course Location & Schedule

This course will be held at Reticle’s Zero4-NORTH training facility located at 4010 County Road 29, Brockville (Tincap) Ontario

This is a 3-day course that includes 18 hours of instruction and range time.


  • Valid PAL / RPAL
  • Proof of current occupation as a Law Enforcement, Military or Security Practitioner
  • Reticle's Pistol Fundamentals OR a Successful 1 hour Diagnostic Shoot with a Reticle Firearms Instructor

Course Outline

  • In depth exploration of the marksmanship fundamentals
  • Single and off-hand manipulation
  • Considerations in the use of load carrying equipment
  • Efficient multi-target engagement
  • Stoppages/malfunctions and remedial actions
  • Dynamic movement
  • Integration of illumination devices in low light applications 

Required equipment (rentals available)

  • Closed-toe footwear
  • Athletic wear with long-sleeves and close-fitting neckline to prevent hot-brass from making contact with upper chest and neck
  • Pistol and 900 rounds
  • Load carriage belt
  • Pistol holster/magazine pouches
  • Eye & ear protection (electronic recommended)