Repatriation Flight

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Reticle Aviation, in partnership with proven Canadian air operators, are currently working with Global Affairs Canada planning repatriation flights from around the globe. 

Your safety and security is our primary concern throughout the entire process. To that end, Reticle will be deploying medical professionals and additional specialized aircrew on each flight. Further, Reticle Aviation will provide an executive jet equipped to meet the accessibility and medical requirements presented by you and those you travel with.

Step 1: Indicate your interest to fly with us by leaving us your contact information.

Step 2: We will contact you for a consultation in order to define your requirements, this will allow us to provide you with an accurate quote.

Step 3: If you are interested in one of our repatriation options you will be asked to make a small, refundable deposit and complete our pre-screening questionnaire, ideally 5 days in advance of the flight.  The questionnaire will be reviewed by one of our licensed medical professionals (Doctor or Physician's Assistant).  An interview may be required if the medical team has any questions.

Step 4:  When cleared to fly by our medical team, we will reach out to confirm your flight, collect appropriate details and seek full payment.  If travelling as a family or group we will contact the person you designate as our point of contact.  You will be contacted again 24 hrs prior to the flight to provide updates on any changes or confirmation.

Step 6:  At the gate, you will be screened by our deployed medical team.  Your passport and other exit criteria will be confirmed and you will be assigned a specific seat.

Step 7:  Board aircraft.  We will have PPE, water and a small snack available.  A medical professional will fly with you to manage any in-flight emergencies.

Step 8:  Arrive Canada and proceed through customs, etc in accordance with Govt of Canada protocols.

Step 9:  Self-Isolate in accordance with Govt of Canada and Provincial guidelines.