Rumble (Drop In)
Rumble (Drop In)
Rumble (Drop In)

Rumble (Drop In)

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ISAIAH TUNGA Group Fitness Instructor


Boxing for fitness. Life is a fight, be prepared!
Cardio-Boxing called Rumble is a combination of the usual training movements of a boxer including shadow boxing, and blows delivered to a boxing bag. Combined with, strength, cardiovascular and endurance exercises.
It promotes a personal well-being by building up their self-discipline combined with strength training. It is considered one of the best forms of exercises because it conditions the total body and provides a complete workout.

The benefits of Rumble are:

  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Coordination
Let’s get Ready to Rumble!!!


*Rumble classes will require participants to bring their own boxing gloves and/or wrist wraps* 

Trial classes start from 18/Feb/20 to 22/Feb/20 free and open to the public!

Tuesday 18/Feb/20 from 6:15PM – 7:15PM: Tabata
Thursday 20/Feb/20 from 6:15PM – 7:15PM: Rumble
Saturday 22/Feb/20 from 9:00AM – 10:00AM: Bootcamp

Sign up for unlimited classes per month starting from 2/Mar/2020 with a free week
bonus from 24/Feb/2020 to 29/Feb/2020, for $70.00. There is a special introductory rate of $70.00 monthly for the first 3 months (March, April and May).
Get in now before the rates go up!!!!!

Classes are run on Tuesdays at 6:15PM