Tactical First Responder

Tactical First Responder

24/7 OEMS

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Course Description

Decades of research have demonstrated that simple tactics and techniques can save lives during active shooter and mass casualty events.  These lifesaving skills can be applied quickly and effectively by first responders with the requisite training.  Tactical medicine provides first responder personnel the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver emergency medical care within a tactical situation.


Instruction emphasizes a pragmatic approach with hands-on skills sessions, tactical scenarios and individual instruction at the Reticle’s Zero4-NORTH training facility.  24/7 OEMS is committed to providing realistic and safe training for all participants, pushing them to their limits.  24/7 OEMS will provide an evaluation of each trainee’s strengths, identifying areas for improvement and an assessment of the trainee’s practical application of the theory and tactical medicine fundamentals.

Course Objectives

The course duration is 16 hours over a 2-day period (0800-1630 hrs daily)

  1. Explain the evolution and role of tactical medicine.
  2. Describe the phases of tactical casualty care.
  3. Demonstrate the steps of care under fire.
  4. Demonstrate the steps of tactical field care.
  5. Demonstrate concepts of triage in a tactical environment.
  6. Describe the steps involved in mission planning.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of human performance under stress.

    Course Location

    The course will be held at Reticle’s Zero4-NORTH training facility located at 4010 County Road 29, Brockville (Tincap) Ontario

    Administration details

    1. This training is open only to credentialed active military and first responders.
    2. Dress in comfortable attire
    3. Please advise course staff regarding any physical limitations prior to the start of the course
    4. Students to bring own meals.
    5. There will be tactical medical equipment available for sale by cheque or cash only.

    Chief Instructor: Mr. Tim Ralph CCPA, MPAS

    Note:  No shooting of videos unless approved in writing by Reticle
    Disclaimer: Tactical medical care training is designed to provide skills so that an individual may render life-saving aid. This training is not designed to replace other mandated medical training as outlined by the individual's governing organization.